People Are Awesome

by - 9/08/2011

  • On Tuesday, I had my first Youth Conservatory theory class as a teacher! I was super excited and had my lesson plan all ready.  Then, approximately 1 hour before my class was to begin, my professor announced that he wanted the first YC classes to be super fun and mostly games.  That meant I had to throw my whole plan out the window...  and the class was bad. I was frazzled, my assistant was frazzled because I was, the kids could sense it, and it was just no bueno. I could have used a bit more forewarning. People are awesome (sarcasm).
  • In the aforementioned class, I told my kids about this super sweet reward system I had planned for them.  I had this empty jar and told them that every class if they were good, listened, did their homework, came on time, etc., I would put some skittles in the jar.  If the jar gets filled we'll have a class party! Then I told them that someone would get to take the jar home at the end of the semester (insert groans and grumblings and whines here).* One very outspoken student said "I hate drawings or things where people win stuff.  My dad says that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning a drawing." People are awesome.
  • Also on Tuesday, I went to my U.S. Institutions class.  It is ginormous, probably 500 people. It's always tricky to find a seat, especially when you have to book it there from the other end of campus. I found a seat next to two nice looking girls.  They were very, very chatty but we still had a few minutes before class started so I didn't worry about it.  About 20 minutes into the class they were still going at it and I could not focus at all. I turned to the one next to me and as politely as I could said "Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm having a hard time paying attention with your conversation going." The girls were quiet instantly. I was surprised, but happy and didn't give it a second thought. However, today I happened to see the same two girls. They looked at me, and I distinctly heard one say to the other "There's that bratty girl who told us to be quiet." People are awesome.
Since I try to be optimistic most of the time, let's turn the end of this post around, shall we?
  • Tuesdays are one of my longest days of the week.  I finished practicing the piany (yes I meant to say piany) at about 8:15 and started heading to my car.  I got a text from my sweet roommate saying "when will you be home?".  I replied and wondered why she asked, but didn't worry much about it. Next thing I know, I open my front door and there is said roommate standing there, dressed in head-to-toe green, with leaf shaped pieces of felt tucked into her pants.**  She starts chanting "salad in yo pants, salad in yo pants, lookin like a fool with some salad in yo pants!" And after that very loooooong not-so-good day (see above), my stress was instantly gone and I was doubled over on the floor laughing, for a good 2 minutes.  People are awesome!
  • And finally: yesterday, I left for school 15 minutes early, with what I thought was plenty of time to find a parking spot and get to class.  Sadly, I was very wrong and could not find a spot anywhere near the Fine Arts Center.  I was forced to park at a church about half a mile away and resigned myself to the fact that I would likely be at least 10 minutes late to my class. I began the long walk toward campus. I saw a guy*** pull out of a parking spot near the beginning of my walk.  I thought to myself, "man, it'd sure be nice if he would give me a ride." But I figured he wouldn't and just kept walking. Imagine my surprise when, 30 seconds later, he pulled up next to me and said, "Hey, need a ride closer to campus?". Gratefully, I climbed in his car and he dropped me off right in front of the FAC. I hope he got some major blessings that day because he sure deserved them. People are awesome!
*After seeing the kids averse reaction to my skittles idea, I decided that I'll let them all share the skittles at the party instead of someone getting to take the whole jar home.  I think they'll like that much better.
**My roommate is in the dietetics program and has to dress up as a salad for the homecoming parade. Thus, her outfit.
***I know it would have been totes adorbs had this guy been single and good looking, and after that day we fell in love and got married and the story would have been told for years to come.  However, he was married (saw the ring), so scratch that idea.  Just a very Christ-like guy. 

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  1. Ashley!!! People are awesome, I couldn't help laughing about the kid and the odds of winning a drawing.:)! (Also we need to do something.)

  2. I love you. I love your blog. I love that we're friends. I hope you know that. Sorry some people are not so awesome. Just remember that you are. :) Loves.


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