3 Princesses and a Cheerleader

by - 10/29/2011

L to R - Arianne: Christine from Phantom of the opera, Me: Princess,
Emily: Belle, Ali: Cheerleader

These girls are amazing. And my best friends within the piano department.
Arianne is hilarious. She's very opinionated and it makes for very funny/dramatic conversations.
Emily is the best. She and I are a lot alike. We have similar tastes and interests outside of music. She also was my lifesaver last year when I didn't have a car, and we had the greatest talks on our drives home.
Ali is probably the sweetest person you'll ever meet. So bubbly and fun to be around, and always conscious of other people's feelings. We are definitely kindred spirits.

I love all these girls. We talk and laugh a lot together.
So glad they're doing piano.
I'm pretty sure I would die if they weren't around.

The YC Halloween Carnival was a blast last night!
We were there for more than 8 hours.  It was crazy, as usual, but I honestly really look forward to the YC events every year (and not just because it counts as practice hours).
Kids are so cute and it's fun to entertain them for a night. And my students ROCKED their recital pieces! Plus, it's always fun to see my teachers in weird costumes and see what all the piano majors come up with too.

It's been a crazy week, and today I am going to relax.
Happy Weekend! 

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