by - 10/01/2011

Marcus Mathews with the winning touchdown

Well, I'm pretty pleased with my Cougars. Woot! Man, that was a close game though. I was basically hyperventilating for the majority of the 4th quarter. That last 96-yd drive was INSANE!!!! I still can't believe we pulled that off. I'm proud of Riley Nelson for lighting a fire under the offense and totally delivering! I won't say we played a perfect game -- we were far from perfect, even under Riley -- but he got the job done. The Aggies played a really great game, and after re-watching the final plays of the game when I got back from Provo, I realized how lucky the Cougs were to pull off a win. Without that tipped ball at the end, it wouldn't have been caught and we would have lost the game. But, I'll take the win! Hopefully this will be a turning point for my team and they'll keep that fire, spirit, and drive, and turn this season around! You can do it, boys!

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