Happy Thanksgiving!

I had an amazing Thanksgiving. I decided to document it with my iPhone. Take a look:
I have a pretty incredible family, and we had a fabulous day together.
It all started with a turkey bowl, followed by some basketball
(yes I participated in both. I can be sporty sometimes!)
Then onto the cousin's house for good food and great company.
I feel so blessed to have extended family live so close.
We are best friends. I love them all so much.
I'm truly a lucky girl.
I have soooo much to be thankful for:
My family, friends, the gospel of Jesus Christ, music, good relationships, education, laughter...
to name a few.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as amazing as mine!

And, as cousin Dave said,
"We've had the dinner, the pie's all gone. Like it or not, it's officially Christmastime."

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