Love That Man

by - 11/20/2011


President Hinckley was one inspired man.  I especially love this quote of his.
I needed to hear it today, in part because anyone that knows me well knows that I'm terribly impatient. 
And when you find out you have carpal tunnel
and you're given medication and it's not doing much to help the pain yet
it's hard to remember to be happy and all that.

So, today I'll try to remember that "things will work out"
because they will.

And to the people going through much more difficult trials than I:

It will work out for you too.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Love President Hinckley's enthusiasm. He was such a wonderful Prophet! (They all are) :)

    Good luck with the carpel tunnel. I'm so sorry you have to go through that!! You are amazing and I hope you start to improve soon!


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