by - 11/12/2011

Man! I knew this would happen. 
The way Riley plays, he was bound to get inured at one point or another.
But I was really likin him!
Especially after that USU game. 

It's been a tough season for my Cougs, 
and Riley hasn't been perfect.
But he was that glimmer of hope and spark that we needed.
He lit a fire under the offense and they started playing like a team again.
And now he has a broken rib. 
So sad.

Jake played a good game tonight though, he made some really nice passes. 
I just prefer Riley. He's way more competitive and fun to watch.
It's pretty obvious the team likes him.
And he's been better than Jake so far this season, in my opinion
(which I realize isn't worth much, but whatever).

Dag nabit. 

I love ya, Riley!
Get better QUICK!
Although I'm doubting we'll be seeing any more of you this season. :(

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