by - 11/15/2011

My hand hurts.
And I get shooting pains up my thumb and first finger and down my wrist 
unless I hold it like this:

But it hurts even if I hold it like that.
It's just worse when I move it...
like when I play the piano, 
hold a pencil, 
pick up my water bottle, 

The freaky thing is I have no idea what I did!
It just all of a sudden started hurting on Saturday and it hasn't gotten any better.

It's kind of a problem to have your hand out of commission when you're a piano major.
and when your job requires typing (and a lot of it)
or when you have a 5 page paper to write and there's no choice but to type through the pain.

It's probably my worst nightmare to lose a hand.
 I would have to change my whole path in life if I only had one hand. 
Kinda hard to be a pianist without a right hand.

Okay, okay, so I'm being dramatic. 
My hand isn't going to get amputated.
But this is weird.
And painful.


Hopefully the doc can figure out what to do, 
but the earliest appointment they had was for Thursday.

So, until then...


P.S. Yes, I typed most of this one-handed. Not fun.

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3 comment{s}

  1. This happened to me during volleyball season!!! I was so scared too! But I went to my hand doctor and it was a cyst. I had to pop it and it hurt. haha. I hope that's not what yours is!

  2. Hey Ashley, this happened to me (and still does if I strain my wrist). It felt like it was broken. But it was just tendonitis. Ibuprofen is what helps me. I take it until my wrist feels better. And when I feel my wrist even starting to get stiff, I take some.

  3. Massage. For real. Might be a trigger point.... Why don't you live in Provo?!


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