The Best Part About Christmas...

by - 12/16/2011

...or one of the best parts, anyway -
is that I get to see these people!!
Most of the cousins, besides some of the Iowans and some of the older married ones that weren't there.
I'll see all of them except for John and Jordan. Cause they're being good boys and serving missions!
Picture taken by Uncle Mike the day of John's missionary farewell.

I love my family.  Have I mentioned that before? They're the best!
I love all of our Christmas traditions,
the inside jokes, 
the constant laughter,
the teasing,
the over-the-top BYU fandom,
the ridiculous amount of {delicious} food we eat,
the arm wrestling competitions that always seem to happen at every family gathering,

But boy do I miss Johnny!
AKA Johnjo Bonjo.
or Johnny Pants.
to name a few of the weird nicknames I have for him.
Super great picture of me at graduation, I know.
He's my bud, and the only cousin that's my same age.
We went to all the same schools growing up.
We looked out for each other.
He makes me laugh so hard - he has the best jokes.
Every time I hear a good joke, I have to send it to him.
And he always responds with a different one back. So great.
I love reading his weekly emails to the fam. He's grown up so much!
And apparently he's not the lurpy boy we all know and love anymore.
He's actually gained some weight! He says it's mostly muscle, but every boy says that.
so it'll be interesting to see.
  I'm glad he's serving a mission even though I miss him so.
Only 7 more months til he gets home!!

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