Christmas Photos

by - 12/29/2011

stolen from my mother, of course.
me and Jare; me and Dave
Nativity- I was the narrator this year
kids in new pjs on the stairs
one nice one for mom (yes, at least one of us usually gets BYU shirts with our pjs)
this is how we really are
santa came!

Harry Potter books - favorite present; new skirt from gma and gpa
modeling our presents from gma and gpa

I had a fab Christmas this year. Great family time, and awesome traditions that I always love. It was a bit weird opening presents after church when we were all ready instead of being in our pjs, (Santa came before church and we did the rest after) but it was still so great. My favorite present by far was getting my own copies of the Harry Potter books. I got them all! Woot woot! I also got a couple of movies and some clothes. I was so pleased, and grateful to my wonderful parents and their generosity! 

I love Christmas and was sad to see it zip by so fast this year. But I still have about a week and a half left of my break! Oh the joys of going to USU... sorry BYU/UofU(guess they have a long break too)/BYU-I folks. :) Also, I apologize for having been MIA over here for a bit. I've been reading and watching movies up a storm! Almost done with book number 3 and have 6 more on my list for this break (no, this list does not include Harry Potter, that's for later) so we'll see how that goes... 

Happy Holidays! I'll be back to write more soon!

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  1. I love the pics! The U doesn't start til the 9th either... let's play next week!


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