Here's What I Decided.

by - 12/21/2011

For SOME reason, it's hard to feel Christmas-y in College. At least for me, anyway. There's not much snow. I'm still in Logan, working, and I'm feeling like a Grinch. Or a Scrooge. Again. I hate it!! I want to feel the magic of Christmas and the happiness and joy that usually surrounds this wonderful time of year.  I guess it's not that I'm not happy, though.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas. Why does this keep happening? Maybe it's because I'm not in madrigals anymore, singing Christmas carols from Thanksgiving til Christmas. Maybe it's because I missed Monica's Christmas party cause I had to work. Maybe it's because I'm still in Logan, instead of home surrounded by the lights, the tree, my family, and the excitement of my siblings. 

I don't know what it is, but it's obnoxious. 

I'm taking charge of this right now. I'm gonna turn on my Carpenter's Christmas album and watch a Christmas movie tonight. Maybe watch my Madrigal Christmas concert DVDs because I'm a nerd like that.  I won't let Christmas pass without feeling Christmas-y. So there. Take that, Scrooge (or whoever you are in there telling me I can't enjoy Christmas).

And with that....

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  1. haha it's okay! We missed you lots, however. Maybe see ya on New Year's Eve!!


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