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I've been thinking a lot about this girl today, especially after I read this.  She was a pretty incredible friend.  If you didn't know her, or even if you did, you should read it. It's a wonderful tribute by one of the people that knew her best.

Kristy taught me a lot about enjoying life.  She always made me laugh. I'll share a couple of my favorite memories with her - I remember one night when we were at EFY. They made us turn the lights off in our room but she hadn't decided what to wear the next day yet.  This was a serious crisis. She had me shine a flashlight on her while she tried on about 10 variations of one outfit with different jewelry, shoes, etc. It was hilarious. I remember another time she came to talk to me at a football game in High School.  She had a new boyfriend and was telling me all about him, but wouldn't call him by his real name.  He was "boyfriend". We were laughing so hard. I loved her silliness. It was truly infectious and she was such a fun person to be around. We spent much of our time together just laughing. I admired her courage, strength, and her willingness to just be herself all the time. All my memories with her are good ones.

Finding out about her passing was incredibly difficult, but it was amazing to see how many people came for a candlelight vigil in her honor. The hundreds of people in attendance at her funeral was a true testament to how many lives she affected in her short time on this earth.  She is deeply missed by so many, but I am grateful that I was one of the lucky people that got to know her.  I am also incredibly grateful for the knowledge I have of life after death.  I know Kristy is in a good place now and that I, and all the other people she left behind, will have the wonderful privilege of seeing her again in the next life.  Miss you and love you, Kris! Thanks for being such an amazing friend to me and so many others.

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  1. Love this post. I'm grateful I was able to know her. I met her on the first day of seventh grade! I remember she was in my driver's ed class too and she was always making the funniest comments throughout the class. It really is so great to know that we will see Kristy and all of our loved ones again.


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