by - 12/13/2011

I've gone back to holding my hand like this:
Like the bandaid?
The medication I took helped at first, 
but the symptoms have started flaring up again in the last few days.

So, at my follow-up appointment today,
the doctor said it would be wise to do the cortisone shot.

This is what I had been dreading.
Cause I'm not very fond of needles. 

When he left the room to get the shot,  
I imagined him coming back in with this 10-foot long needle
and a maniacal look on his face.

I was kinda freakin out.

But, to prove yet again that I am a baby,
and that I always think things are going to be way worse than they actually are,

he came back in with this teeny tiny thing.

The shot took all of 2 seconds, and that was that.

He did say there's a 20% chance that my pain could increase tonight 
if my body absorbs the cortisone too fast, 
but that it should go away quickly.

And, if it works, I shouldn't have to worry about this obnoxious thing ever again.

Let's hope the shot does its job, I don't have an increase in pain,
and that this will fix my problem.

Cause the next option is surgery...

And I'd rather not.

Happy Tuesday!

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5 comment{s}

  1. Holy crap! That stinks so much! I hope that it will all turn out ok I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm sorry little one! I will pray that surgery won't have to happen. You are wonderful!

  3. Good luck Woman! I hope it all turns out well. Good job for being optimistic.

  4. Love your bandaid Ashly, so neat, clean and well placed. Seriously hope and pray your wrist heals quickly, and keep up all the hard work for finals. I am proud of you dear granddaughter

  5. Oh no!! I hope the shot helped, it sounds like it is just a rotten situation! Get feeling better!!


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