You're A Star

by - 12/08/2011

Yes, I made this on picnik. No, I am not ashamed.
Yesterday was my last day of teaching piano this semester. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown! At the beginning of the semester, I found out that only one of my students from last year would be returning, and that I would be getting 5 other new students.  I also found out that I would be teaching a theory class (last minute, might I add, so that was s.t.r.e.s.s.f.u.l.). I was honestly a bit grumpy about getting new students, but I was pleasantly surprised when I met all these cute kids and just loved them instantly.  Seriously, I lucked out this year.  This is not to say that it's been perfect by any means... there was the time when one student somehow pulled the piano apart when I looked away for 2 seconds and we spent the whole lesson putting it back together. Or the one boy that cried every. single. time. in class. But all in all, I've enjoyed myself quite a lot.  I'm so grateful for those sweet kids.  One of the most fulfilling things for me is seeing my students perform in recitals.  I made that little card above for each one and gave them some starbursts after the Christmas recital on Tuesday.  I so enjoy listening to their hard work pay off, even if they're only playing for 1 minute.  Another fabulous moment for me was after our last theory class on Tuesday, one of the girls came up and hugged me and said she was so glad I was her teacher.  I seriously almost cried.  I love kids and their ability to love people so easily! Being a teacher is the greatest thing ever.

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