I Got the Genes (Sorta)

by - 1/05/2012

check out that foldage.                     i love it when my shoes are all lined up.

My Grandma Twitchell is one of the cleanest people I have ever met. Her house is always spotless. The second we finish dinner at her house, she's at the sink starting on the dishes.  She can go out and work in her garden and come back in without a speck of dirt on her (once, she gardened in white pants -- same story. She's amazing). Sometimes she gets stressed by her messy grandkids (like the time one of us spilled red jello on her very light carpet), but we've learned that we keep grandma's house CLEAN.  

Well, I think I sort of inherited some of those clean genes.  I say sort of because my room is not always spotless. I go through phases - sometimes I don't make my bed for a month (mom, pretend you didn't read that). But I LOVE the feeling I get when I'm in a clean room. Or after I clean the kitchen. I love cleaning the kitchen.  I'm not as fond of cleaning the bathroom but I'm still immensely satisfied by a clean one. 

I just spent the last five hours cleaning my room in Logan (yes, I'm back!). I put every single thing away that I brought from home. I dusted, I vacuumed.  I organized my drawers and my shoes in my closet. I even organized my jewelry and cleaned out my purses. Okay, so I might have went a little overboard, but I feel SO good.  I should also say that cleaning doesn't normally take me that long, but I had Netflix on which always makes me work slower (I swear I have ADD).  

Anyway, I kind of like cleaning. Woot! Does that make me a nerd? And I may have inherited that from my grandma, but I know I'll never be able to garden in white pants. That's gotta be some sort of world record.


  • I'm kind of scared to start school again, mainly because I may be doing something schedule-wise this semester that will probably classify me as insane. More on that later, if it ends up working out.
  • I still need to blog about the books I've read over this break! I've read some good ones.
  • New years resolutions coming soon... if I can decide what I want them to be.

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  1. I did the same exact thing when I came back to Logan, too (purse included). and I love your new design and header! Looks great, Ashley!


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