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by - 1/11/2012

{Before reading this post, read Nerve-Wracking: January 21, 2010}


At the beginning of every semester since that nerve-wracking night, I have contemplated auditioning for Latter-day Voices.  I had been to their concerts, seen them perform, and they are AWESOME.  Seriously.  You may be thinking "Institute choir? Meh." But they are amazing and while a good portion of their repertoire is church music, they do other things too.  They seem to have a lot of fun, and they go out and perform in schools and other places, which is something I've really missed from my Madrigal Days.

Sadly, I had a class for 3 semesters that conflicted with the Latter-day Voices rehearsal schedule.  I tried to figure out a way to make it work while still taking that class, but decided that my professor wouldn't like me missing his class, nor would the Latter-day Voices director like me missing one rehearsal a week. So, I wasn't able to try out.  Kjarinda did it, and she's seemed to love it, but I just didn't have the time.

Well, I finally finished that class last semester, and started thinking about trying out again. I was pretty unsure about it for a while, because doing it would mean a crazy schedule for me, but I really missed being in a choir. I even got cornered by Kjarinda and another member of LDV one day and they basically begged me to try out.  The guy with her told me to look him in the eyes and say "I promise to try out" but all I could manage was a "I'll think about it" while not quite meeting his eyes.

After a lot of praying, and looking at my schedule, and all of those things, I decided that I was going to try out. I signed up for an audition time and didn't give it too much thought over the break...

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But of course time passed quickly, and my audition was last night.  I went in expecting a rigid, scary environment (cause that's what I'm used to with auditions). But they made me feel completely at ease! It also helped that my friend, Nate Kasparian, was the accompanist. They asked me a lot of questions and told me a lot of things before I actually sang. Even though I felt less nervous than I normally do in auditions, it was all I could do to nod and keep my legs from shaking.

Finally, after they tested my range, had me sing a hymn in my part with others to test my blend, sing a hymn on my own, and do sightreading examples, I was done. They told me I had a great audition, and they all smiled A LOT.  I didn't even care if they were lying because I just felt so good! I even made a mistake on one of the sightreading examples (they were tough! really tested my music major skills), but walked away knowing I did my best and knew that it would work out if it was supposed to.

Then came the agonizing wait to see if I made it.

It was only about a 10 hour wait for the email that was to come at 7 this morning, but I couldn't sleep last night.  I kept telling myself that it didn't matter if I made it or not. There were only 3 alto spots, and SO many people tried out.  I kept this going all night, even though I secretly really wanted to make it.

After a fitful night's sleep interspersed with dreams of my high school choir teacher (Ms. M, yes, who was bald in the dream. Try explaining that one) I awoke at exactly 7:08 to an email from Brother Salmond, the director of LDV. It read:

"Hello Ashley! Congratulations! You have been selected to be part of the Spring 2012 Latter-day Voices at the Logan Institute of Religion..." 

A smile spread across my face, and I promptly fell back asleep for 2 hours. :)

I know this is SUPER long, but I want to make sure I have this all documented cause I don't want to forget it.  I'm so excited to finally be a part of LDV! Even though my schedule is seriously going to be NUTS, I'm so sure it's something I should be doing right now.  I loved singing in choirs in high school and am really looking forward to being in one again, and the wonderful feeling of performing music with a group.  Playing the piano all day, all by myself, gets a little monotonous sometimes, and it'll be great to have something to break it up. Even though it's breaking up music with more music, it really is different, trust me.

Rehearsals start today and I couldn't be more excited!!!

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  1. AND I'M SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! As you could tell from the joy on my face when I saw you today! haha. I love you!

  2. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Congratulations Ashley!!!!! I'm very, VERY happy for you and excited to come watch you when you perform :) LOVE YOU!

  3. Congratulations Ashley! That sounds like it will be a lot of fun for you!


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