Remember That One Time When...

by - 2/02/2012

Remember that one time when I said I wasn't procrastinating? Yeah, it went really well for, like, 2 weeks. Then this little thing called a job interview (more on that later, if it works out!) happened last weekend and my "SATURDAY IS ONLY FOR STUDYING AND HOMEWORK AND NO FUN FOR LIKE 12 HOURS UNTIL IT'S ALL DONE" plan that has been working so well went right out the window. And even though I KNEW about the job interview last week, I still wasn't productive leading up to the day. Dumb.

And remember that one time when I had 2 tests IN ONE DAY, a huge paper, and this little thing called the Monster Concert this week and that's when I decided to procrastinate? Yeah, super awesome.

AND, remember that one time when I was in my room last night thinking about how idiotic I am for procrastinating and then I opened up my scriptures to my spot in the BoM - Alma 34 - and my little 9th-grade-seminary self had written "Procrastinate No More" in the top margin (granted it was about not procrastinating the day of my repentance, but still)? and remember that one time when I then closed my scriptures and chucked them on the bed and said "very funny" before I picked them back up and actually read the chapter?


Also remember that one time when my piano teacher told me to have a certain part of one of my songs memorized by my lesson on Friday and I thought there was NO way that would happen this week? But then I got lucky during a Monster Concert rehearsal and my professor let me sneak away because there was nothing for me to do and I practiced my GUTS out for 45 minutes and memorized 4 pages?!!??!! WHAT?! When has that ever happened, ever?

And remember that one time when one of my adorable students in my YC class came up and hugged me yesterday when she saw me at the Monster Concert rehearsal? And remember how she's secretly my favorite even though the rest of the kids can't and won't ever know that? 

AND remember that one time when since I had all those crazy tests and stuff this week, I have almost no homework this weekend? So since the Monster Concert is happening and I'll still be busy, I at least won't get behind this time? Blessing in disguise!!!

And finally, remember that one time when I said "remember that one time when" waaaay too many times, and I'm the only one who "remembers that one time?" and also, remember that one time when basically every single sentence in this post was a run-on sentence? 



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