Valentine's Day Randomness

by - 2/12/2012

First of all, how great are these?
I'm sure you've all seen them on Pinterest already, but I had to share.
It combines my love for Harry Potter with, well, LOVE. 
And cheesy, riddikulus (see what I did there? HAHA. guys i have issues), hilarious love at that.
(updated from my original post and added some more, cause I like these new ones too!)
(Also really lovin the Jimmer valentines by the same woman.) 

Secondly, check out our sweeeeeet V-day decorations!
You could say we went all out. I wish I could take credit for it, but it was all my roommate's vision. All I did was help her put it up. Man, I love that in college it's okay to decorate crazy like this.  
left: wall at the top of the stairs (covered in $1 plastic tablecloths); right: our tree that we redecorate for each season. 
left: tinsel wreath; right: goin up the stairs
the living room!
You know, It's been quite a while since I've had an actual Valentine on Valentine's day. This year I won't either, but it's okay. He's out there. I haven't met him yet, but I'll find him someday... soon, I hope. :) In the meantime, I'm enjoying reading some real-life love stories. If you're looking for some good ones to read on this upcoming day of love, check these ones out.

1. Cjane's 5 loves.
This one was especially beautiful, and heartbreaking.

2. Catherine's 14 days of love.
Catherine is so sweet, and I'm just loving this little series she's doing.

3. Ashley and Marcus Nielson.
Ashley is the sister-in-law of Nienie (her husband is nienie's husband's brother) and a true beauty.  I love her blog.  Read their love story here. I almost died when I read it the first time.

4. A Blog About Love.
This is a story about a couple (both coming away from recent divorces) that essentially fell in love over email before they even met, kind of like a real-life You've Got Mail! Start here and just read their genuine, sweet, lovely story.  I'm pretty much obsessed.  Can't wait til they post about what happened when they met!

Finally, on a somewhat related note, watch this video of my friend Anna James singing "How Do I Get You Alone?" by Heart(that's V-day-ish, right?). Someday, when she's famous, I'll brag about how I knew her.

Anyway. I'll be spending my Valentine's day thinking about and missing my cousin Johnny (cause that's his birthday! tender moments) and singing to a bunch of high school students for LDV. Should be good!

I saved the best for last, do enjoy:

Happy Valentine's day, friends!

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  1. you're so so sweet! you can celebrate arizona's 100th birthday on the 14th! that's what we're doing even if we do have valentines! haha

  2. love the decorations!! sooo cute and aren't those valentines the absolute best?! thanks for the sweet mention, you are the best! hope you are doing well and school is going great! love ya!

  3. ASHLEY these valentines are golden. And you are so nice. Thanks for the shoutout. Ron Weasley.


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