A Weekend to Myself

by - 2/20/2012

I decided a while ago that I would come home over President's Day weekend.  Come to find out, my parents decided to take the fam on a trip to Island Park! I was excited and hoped that I could go, but, alas, I could not.  They left on Friday morning and I just couldn't miss all my Friday classes and my Friday work shifts.  Bum deal.  I decided to come home anyway, though (cause I figured I'd have more to do here than in Logan, since most people were leaving Logan too). So, I packed a bunch of things to keep me entertained while I was here (like all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and a couple of books. I may have over prepared...) but I ended up not using them hardly at all! It turned into a pretty good, eventful weekend. 

On Friday before I left, my cute married friends Arianne and Dean had me over for dinner. It was delish! I love Arianne.  She's prego and due with a baby boy in May! So excited for her.  Then, I came home.  And I cleaned. The whole house. Yeah... I'm a weirdo. But remember how I like cleaning?  Then I fell asleep to the sound of the TV, cause this house makes creepy noises at night and my imagination likes to go crazy and tell me that there's a murderer/rapist/robber/creepo sneaking around. And we can't have that.

Saturday morning rolled around, and I slept in, practiced, got ready, and WENT SHOPPING! And I totally bought something awesome -- A COOKIE! A Mrs. Field's milk chocolate chip cookie, to be exact. And that's all I bought. That's what happens when you're extraordinarily poor and none of the clothing or shoes under $10 are appealing. 

That night I went to my cousin's house to celebrate Michelle's and Kevin's birthdays. It was a blast and a half.  The dinner... MMM. London Broil, twice-baked-potatoes, yams, salad, the works. SO good. Then dear Annie made a Red Velvet cake with a cheesecake layer in the middle, HOLY DELICIOUS! 'Twas awesome.  Annie and I got some good girl talk in before she had to head back to Provo. 

Then, I got a text from Kjarinda inviting me to dinner with her, Brit, and Jana. I had already eaten (as I mentioned) but I decided to go hang with them anyway and watch them eat their food. :)  Love these ladies!
yes, we were all there together. don't ask me why we didn't get a picture of all of us.
After that, we headed back to Kjarinda's to play that one dance game on Kinect.  Then, we went to my house and Brit, Jana, and I watched a movie. It was so good to see them and catch up!

I was preparing for a good Sunday alone, when I got a text from my roommate inviting me to dinner with her family! (Man, see how well I'm taken care of? People are so nice to me). So after church I headed over there to have a delicious dinner and some amazing chocolate pie (is this post all about food or what?) with her cute family. After some piano playin -- her 4-year-old sister is quite the pianist -- and some movie watchin, I headed home.  Sounds pretty neato, right? It was.

But then, well....... then..... I got...... a migraine.  And I spent the rest of the night feeling like I was going to die.  So that was a party. I still feel kind of blah, honestly. And I haven't done my homework yet! So, naturally, I'm blogging. Anyway... my family will be home in a few hours and I'm excited to see them for a little bit before I have to head back to Logan.  Even though I was prepared and kind of excited for a weekend all to myself, I'm glad that it turned out to be pretty social.  I love my friends and family! They're the best. 

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