A Birthday Wish and a Happy List

by - 3/01/2012

Happy Birthday to...

Mr. Ronald Weasley!
You thought I was gonna say Justin Bieber, didn't you?

No, I don't actually celebrate the birthdays of fictional characters.  However, I do remember these dates from my days of scouring J.K. Rowling's website and the internets for any little snippet of info I could find.

Now, to kind of borrow an idea from both Naomi and Catherine,
Here's what's making me happy right now:

1. The funny things my piano students say. Like, "Teacher! Guess what! My dad took our piano back!" Although this was a bit disconcerting - cause really, you shouldn't be taking piano lessons if you don't have a way to practice - I asked, "Why?" and he said, "Because he want his MONEY BACK!" (oh I wish you could hear his little voice. So funny). He went on, "Do you know how much it costed? Like thirty dollars... and twenty five quarters... That's SO MUCH MONEY!"  

2. My grade on my most recent biology test. No, I didn't get a 100%. But you could say I have test anxiety, and I was pretty certain I had failed.  To find out I didn't, and that I actually did prettttty good, if I do say so myself, is so exciting. Studying pays off, people!

3. I've lost, like, 10 pounds. WOOHOO. I know I wasn't super big or anything, but it was getting to the point that a bigger pants-size was looming and I just don't have the funds for that kind of wardrobe overhaul. It was  either lose some weight, or don't wear pants... and, let's be honest, the latter was not an option. So, I started a little competition with my sister to eat better (i.e. 1 treat a day), and exercise more. And, with a little monetary incentive, I DID IT! I feel soooooo much better/healthier than I did before, and I still eat chocolate or cookies or ice cream every day. That's how it should be.

4. LDV. Okay, okay, so I kind of talk about it a lot.  But it has seriously changed my life! I love, love, LOVE it. Being part of something so uplifting, and being with fun people all the time is so wonderful.  Not to mention, the music rocks! My music brain loves the rich, full harmonies we can pull off in there. 

5. NERD ALERT: I just found all the episodes of Lizzie McGuire on YouTube. So what am I doing? Watching every single one, naturally.  I'm totally reliving my childhood, which is fun sometimes. Guys, I was completely obsessed with that show as a youngin. I even have journal entries about how I wanted to be exactly like Lizzie/Hilary and emulate her every characteristic.  In watching it again now, I don't know why I wanted that, cause she does some CRAZY things. But there were worse role models, I suppose.

6. The fact that Spring Break is SO CLOSE. Ah, I can almost taste it. Just a little over a week away! I'm so excited.  I'm not going on any fancy trips, but having time off from school to just chill, hopefully catch up with some friends, play with my family, and not have to be running around every second sounds SO spectacular right now.  Can't. Wait.

My life isn't perfect or easy by any means. Honestly, I've had an extraordinarily stressful past couple of weeks (midterms + WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?). But at the same time, I've been blessed with so many things that keep me going.

Someone shared a quote in my Institute class today that I just loved:

"Sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes, he just calms your heart." 

That's definitely how I feel right now.  Even through the hard times when the storm is raging, life is good!

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  1. Lizzie McGuire. Love love love that! I'm going to have to watch these on Youtube! Woot woot for all the good things you are doing and I hope you have a wonderful spring break!!! :)


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