by - 4/29/2012

story of my life yesterday
Gosh, I love finals time. (Joke)
 But at least I only have a week left!

Man, I love not knowing exactly what's gonna happen this summer. (Joke)
But at least I have an awesome place to live, and a job to fall back on! 

Boy, I love how my neighbors have "band" practice every Sunday. Imma kill that drummer. (Joke)
But at least this is my last Sunday in this apartment!

Gee, I love that my wrist is hurting again. (Joke)
But at least... My juries are over? 
That was hard to come up with. This one just stinks.

Golly, I love that I got blisters on the bottom of my left foot today. (Joke)
But at least I have feet...

Sheesh, I love it when boys can't figure out that I'm obviously perfect for them. (Joke)
But at least I can watch chick flicks and eat ice cream instead?

Oh, I love that LDV is over. (JOKE!)
But at least I got to be in it, and meet all those amazing people, and I get to do it again next year! YAY!

In other, happier news, SUMMER is almost HERE and although I don't really know what I'm doing yet, at least school will be OVER and I get to live with my hilarious friend Sarah for at least a month! I can almost taste it.

Wow I'm a whiner. SORRY! It should be noted that although this past week and a half has been the craziest of my life, it has also been SO MUCH FUN, what with all the LDV stuff goin on. That was the best thing to ever happen to me. Hopefully I'll post about that soon... But with the way I've been blogging lately, I can't make any promises. :)

Happy, Happy Studying! (Joke)

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