Let's Be Honest.

by - 4/12/2012

Let's be honest, I'm so ready for school to be done. I'm pretty sure this has been the craziest semester of my life (I know, I say that every semester). It has absolutely stretched me to my limits and you could say I'm not exactly handling it as well as I could. It's a miracle I get to class every day and hand in my assignments on time.

Let's be honest, this whole hatred of school is not helped by the fact that my sister and cousins are done with school NEXT WEEK. Darn that BYU! Although I'm glad I got a spring break and a longer Christmas break, it's still annoying.

Let's be honest, in my mind it's already summer. I'm daydreaming about having time to read books, and living with my crazy, awesome, childhood friend/wardie Sarah, and makin the big bucks. Oh, and not doing an ounce of schoolwork. El zippo.

Let's be honest, the season finale of Psych was crazy good last night.  If you haven't watched it yet, don't worry, no spoilers.  But AH! How can I wait until Fall? I'm a Psych-o through and through. It's kind of a problem. I heard some people talking today about hating how much the show focuses on Shawn and Jules. Umm. Hello?? I don't think we see enough of them! The show is more about Shawn and Gus's bromance, which is totally hilarious, but we haven't seen Shawn and Jules even KISS hardly at all lately. So when they give us a rare presh moment between them, I totally eat it up. Everyone needs to chill. :)

Let's be honest, that Gotye song is gettin crazy big. According to Steven Tyler (super credible source, I know) this song is "changing the music world" right now.  I don't know so much about that, but I've jumped on the bandwagon and I like it. All the versions I've heard of it (Original, 5 on one guitar, Pentatonix) are pretty great.  The harmonies in the pentatonix one are unreal. Check 'em out!

Let's be honest, I have the weirdest sense of humor.  Some people are really surprised when I tell them I like things like Julian Smith (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) or this, to name a few things. Is it really that shocking? Do I really come across as so "mature and serious" (someone else's words, not mine) that I can't like things like that? Who knows. But I do. I laugh hysterically at the stupidest things.

Let's be honest, this blog has been kind of blah for a while.  I've been a bit of a grumpy pants (still workin on that) and it's obviously been reflected here.  Sorry, friends! Wish I could assure you I'll be better from now on, but I don't want to make empty promises. :) Let's just say I'll try. How 'bout that?

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