HP Day

by - 5/02/2012

"We did it. We bashed 'em. Wee Potter's the one! And Voldy's gone moldy. So now let's have fun."
First of all, Happy Harry Potter Day!
Yep, I'm a total nerd for even acknowledging this, but DUH. I had to.

Also, I want to make this picture into a shirt.

That's all.

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  1. Dear Ashley: I want you to know that at this very momet I am reading Harry Potter. Yes, also being a Harry Potter nerd my birthday present to myself while on the mission was the Harry Potter books in Portuguese and I enjoying finally being able to read them. Ad about your nargles conversation with your sister that you posted on facebook, well I am reading book 5 just read about the nargles yesterday. It made that even better


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