Well, Surprise!

by - 5/21/2012

When my boss asked me for my summer plans on Friday, I told her I would be at the library til the end of June and then I'd head off to EFY in July. Then I'd be back for work once school started again (see how awesome my job is for letting me do that?). I also told her that EFY is kind of notorious for giving short notice about sessions, and that I had applied for some in May and June as well, but as far as I knew I wasn't working those.

Well, surprise! At about 8:00pm on Friday, I got emails saying I'd been offered two more contracts! And one of them is for NEXT WEEK. It's like I predicted the future with that comment I made to my boss. So, I've spent the last few days trying to watch the hours of training videos that I've put off (still not done) cause I didn't think I was working til July, and this week I've got to prepare like crazy! Ah! I hope I can get everything done.  I feel like such a slacker for putting this stuff off.

I'm so glad I have such a good job at the library that is so great to work with me. It was not even a problem when I told them I'd need next week off! I feel SO lucky. I also feel incredibly lucky to be an EFY counselor and I know it will be a blast! I'm also totally nervous, but I think once I'm more prepared I'll feel lots better. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got khakis to buy (wish me luck, cause I have NO idea where to find them), training videos to watch, and lessons to prepare! So excited to meet my first awesome group of girls! 

Happy week to you!

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  1. Yay Ashley!!! That is so exciting and you are going to be the best EFY counselor. Old Navy has some great khakis that are pretty inexpensive! :)


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