Carry On.

by - 6/13/2012

I know, everyone is obsessed with Fun. And I'm kinda late to the party.
But this song speaks to my soul:

And his VOICE! Oh man. Soooooo attractive.

Also, have you heard of these guys? My cousin showed me some of their stuff last weekend and we ended up watching their videos for like an hour.  I LOVE them! Yeah, their videos are cheesy (and also have a lot of random stuff in them, haha), and this song is a bit weird from a guy's perspective... and they're obviously a bit auto-tuned (though who isn't these days) but I think they ROCK. I love their piano playing, and the key change in this cover gives me the chills. So. Just watch, and check out their other stuff too:
That's all.

Happy Wednesday! 

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