Checking In

by - 8/12/2012

love these signs everywhere in NYC.
I'm still alive, don't worry.

Guess what? I'm on the East Coast with the fam! I'm in New Hampshire right now with my grandparents and loooooving it. It's so pretty here.  It actually hasn't been too hot either, because it's been rainy, which is such a blessing. Humidity is killer.

Goodness. I have SO much blogging to catch up on, it's not even funny.  I have FIVE efy posts saved in my drafts (that are really long and super journal-y so I'm sure you're not too worried about them) but they'll be posted with pictures... soon. Hopefully. :)

Boston, Palmyra, and NYC (we started there and are ending the trip there, too) are next up on the agenda. We'll be going nonstop tourist-style til next Sunday, so I may be MIA on here again for a while. Don't forget about me, I'll be back soon with EFY and vacay posts galore!

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  1. I also find lots of joy from the "No Standing" signs. I broke that law a lot. So you should break the law for me!


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