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I just got back from the most amazing vacation I've ever had! My mom is a master trip planner and she put together this trip for the fam.  We headed out East.  I decided I wanted to document it with my iPhone - super great! I took a looooooot of pictures (ahem, probably too many), so prepare yourself! Here's my insta-vacation:

1. Love these signs everywhere in NYC. 2. View from the steps of the Museum of Natural History
3. Some of the iconic sites in NYC - Chrysler building, plaza hotel, st. Patrick's cathedral, grand central 4. Museum of Natural History 5. Me and Breanna at the museum 6. Carnegie Hall 7. Steinway Hall 8-9. FAO Schwartz 10-12. Being crazies in the car. 13. Joseph Smith birthplace memorial 14. Me and Grant on the way to Church 15. View from my Grandma's balcony 16. Breanna's cute outfit. She's a fashionista. Don't worry.
 17. Another of the Joseph Smith Memorial. 18-20. Fenway! 21-22. Boston Temple 23. A pretty street in Lexington 24. A house/tavern that Paul Revere stayed at! 25. Louisa May Alcott's house 26. My dad and my sister switched sunglasses. 27. View from the North Bridge 28. Harvard Whisper arch! 29-31. Cool sites at Harvard 32. Pinkberry. Totes the best hun-cal fro yo. OMG Hun-cal? HUN-CAL? Every guy should have a knowledge of it.
33-34. Breanna and Grant with the frog statues at the Boston Common Park 35. Boston Common 36. Old North Church! 37-38. Boston Common 39-41. Beacon Hill 42. Benjamin Franklin 43-44. Freedom Trail sites! 45-46. Breanna and Grant in the clock at one of the museums 47. A balcony where the declaration of Independence was read 48. Mike's Pastry - Best canoli's EVER
49. Awesome statue at Public Gardens in Boston. 50. Charles River. 51. Cool Church. 52-53. Boston Public Library 54. Gorgeous apartment buildings in Boston 55. Public Gardens again 56. Pretty "nutty" street corner. :) 57-59. Me, Breanna and Grant trying to cure our boredom in the car 60. Palmyra temple! 61. View of the Palmyra temple from the Sacred grove. 62. Breanna and Jare were supes happy. 63. Sacred grove 64. Site of the first published book of mormon!
65. Peter Whitmer farm: Site of the organization of the church 66. Jare and Lex being themselves. 67. Grant. He's a cutie. 68. Me and Breanna. Do we look alike? We get that a lot 69. Got to see Sister Hawkes at Hill Cumorah! So fun! 70-71. Moroni's promise and Monument at Hill Cumorah 72. My sunglasses broke. :( 73. Site of the restoration of the Priesthood in Susquehanna! 74. Waiting for Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn, NY 75. Jare was excited for the pizza. 76. View of Manhattan from Brooklyn 77. View of Manhattan from the Empire state building! 78-80 Central Park!
81-82. Central Park! 83. Egypt temple at the Met! 84. Van Gogh at the Met. 85. Cool Italian courtyard thing, Met. 86. This was at the Met too.  Made me want to play wizard's chess. 87. Me and Jare in our new sunglasses from canal street. 88-89. Times Square! 90-91. NEWSIES! BEST SHOW EVER 92. Battery park! 93-95. Views from the Ferry on the way to the Statue of Liberty 96. Registry room on Ellis Island. Oh, madrigal memories...
97. Me and my bros on the ferry. 98. View of Manhattan on the way back! 99. Pretty park by our lunch. 100. Trinity Church 101. 9/11 Memorial. 102. Don't worry, we were having a serious conversation and we look over and Breanna's wearing a shower cap in the middle of NYC.  She's nutso, but fit right in there, haha! Love her! 103. Shake Shack. Umm... AMAZING. 104. Yankee Stadium! 105-108. Yankees vs. Red Sox FUN! Go Sox!
It was seriously an incredible trip.  I'm so glad I took pictures! I don't usually do that... and I obviously went a little bit overboard this time. :) But there was so much we saw that I didn't want to forget any of it! This kind of trip doesn't happen for my family very often (or ever) so it was kind of a big deal.  So many amazing memories! I love my family and the awesome relationships we have. And I'm so grateful to my parents for making this trip possible! It was also so fun to see my grandparents out in New Hampshire (though I didn't take a picture of them... what? Fail). And then to see all the church history sites, and the American Historical sites, and just the cool tourist-y ones in NYC was so much fun! It's a trip I will never forget!! Sorry for the picture overload, but I just couldn't leave any out.

Now to get ready for school.... Yikes.  It's starting Monday??? Whaaaaaaaa? FREAKING OUT.

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