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by - 8/29/2012

Boring class. Doodling on the first day is not a good sign

Well, I'm back in good ol' Cache Valley.  In my awesome retro house (pictures to come once we finish decorating). That has a ginormous laundry room. And only one couch at the moment... haha. Also, no AC. What were we thinking???? The first couple of nights were absolutely miserable and I woke up several times because I was sooooooo hot. One night I woke up at two and went into the kitchen, opened the freezer, and put my head in there and sorta fell asleep standing up like that for a couple minutes. Ha. Luckily I wised up and bought a box fan from Walmart, put it in the window last night, and I slept gloriously through the night.  I even put my sheet over me in the morning cause it was a little chilly! Hooray for no more suffering. I'll be fine.

It's crazy to be back though. I feel like I blinked and the summer was over! I really can't believe how fast time goes.  I guess that's what happens when you have an amazing summer that's booked to the very last second. Sigh. Wish it could have lasted longer! 

I've been to all my classes now, and it's fun to be back. I love school, but it's also stressful.  I'm going to have some tough classes this semester! One of them is American Sign Language, which I'm sooo excited about. But my teacher is deaf, so from the get-go he was only signing to us. Luckily I remember a teeny bit from high school, otherwise I would feel extremely overwhelmed (more than I already do, haha) right now! Another killer is going to be Keyboard Skills, which is essentially a really terrifyingly difficult upper-level piano technique class. Already on the first day there were some things we did in class that I need to work on! Yikes! I avoided technique like the plague in high school and I'm definitely paying for it now, ha. But I know if I practice and stay on top of things, I'll be fine. I've also decided to take a break from taking piano lessons this semester to give my wrist a break - it's been hurting again - and to give myself a mental break. I might give more details about this later, but we'll see.  It took a lot of thought and prayer but I know right now it's the best thing for me.  It'll also be good to have some extra time to do homework since I'm taking a big credit load this semester.

For the most part I'm a happy camper, but one huge bummer is that I now have a cold.  Who gets a cold in August?? Lame. I've felt it coming on for a little bit, and I've been totally zapped energy-wise the past couple of days. It just stinks because all this fun stuff is going on, being the first week of school, and I just have no energy to go! Blah.  I usually end up going to things for a little bit because I feel so lame not going, only to leave early because I feel like death. I'm hoping to feel better soon. I wish I could just stay home and sleep for a whole day, but I would have a panic attack if I missed classes right now. So, it's off to school I go.......

Wish me luck!

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