"Oh, good."

by - 8/30/2012

I walked into my LDV audition yesterday not really feeling nervous, though bummed that I was sick.  As I was getting ready to sing, I said "I'm a little sick, by the way", even though I told myself I wasn't going to say anything about it.  You know how words just come out of your mouth sometimes before you have a chance to stop them? Hate that.

The best part was Brother Salmond's reply. He said, "Oh, good."

Good? What? Haha.

He then made me do about 6 of these actually really difficult vocal exercises "just to have some fun" with me. Once I was done, he said "Ok, you're great, Ashley. Thanks for letting me torture you. We'll see you next Wednesday!" The punk.

Oh, I've missed him and that choir of beautiful people. Soooooo excited to do it for a full year this time!

P.S. BYU FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT! AH! I'm pumped. But nervous. I hope my Cougs are good this year!

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