by - 9/05/2012


ASL. American Sign Language. IS SO AWESOME. I love going to my class every MWF. I love watching my teacher sign to us.  I love watching the expressions on his face.  I love signing to people! I love it when I can sign and they understand it.  I love that I know a little bit already so I've got a jump on the rest of the class and don't get confused every time we learn something new. ;) I love Deaf culture - it's so fascinating.  Oh goodness. I'm totally obsessed.  Probably my favorite class ever. I want to be fluent in it so badly.  I said it in high school and I'm realizing again that I would love to be an interpreter. Anytime I see an interpreter at an event I can't take my eyes off him or her the entire time. And today I learned how to say "I want to be an interpreter" and "I love football" in ASL. So you could say I'm already on my way!

LIFE IS SO GOOD TO ME RIGHT NOW! For so many reasons.

Happy, Happy Wednesday!!!

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