The Little Things.

by - 9/13/2012

Lots of little things have made me happy this week. Life is so wonderful lately! Here's why:

1. This talk by Elder Holland. SO amazing. Elder Holland is always a powerful speaker, and I love his talks!! I was watching this one with my roommate and we were both taking notes, but there were times when his words were so powerful we stopped writing and just couldn't take our eyes off the screen! Watch it, if you missed it.  Incredible.

2. My classes this semester! I already mentioned I looooove sign language. I have the biggest grin on my face the whole time I'm in that class, well, except for when we were learning signs for the emotions.  My teacher wouldn't move on until my facial expression matched the sign. :) I'm also really liking my English class.  I didn't like it at first, I honestly thought my teacher was kind of a snooze. But I have this big research paper for the class due at the end of the semester, and I'm super excited about my topic.  My teacher loved it too and I think it'll be great! More on that to come when I actually write it. I also enjoy my music classes too.  I'm doing college backwards, meaning that I'm finishing up my generals as a senior, but I'm SO glad I'm doing it this way.  I love learning about so many different subjects and I'm loving getting more into other things besides just music.  I do love music, but I'm excited to finally finish piano in 2 more semesters after this one. My brain also loves the break from the constant music stress. :)

3. My awesome roommates - I have great ones this year - but especially dear Cami Jo. She is one of my favorite people ever. She is hysterical! I wish more people saw this side of her!  Her enthusiasm for life is infectious. I love our conversations every night; if only I could repeat them on here for the whole world to see, but she probably wouldn't like that too much. :)  Let's just say, sharing a room with her is wonderful, and always a laugh. And she is so giving! She keeps telling me to help her eat her food, and while she's just being her nice self, it's literally saving my life. I'm a little low on funds right now, so I really appreciate it so much. She's so selfless and I really look up to her a lot. Ah. I am so blessed to have lived with her for 3 years, and now a 4th!

4. My crazy siblings.I've been talking to them a lot lately, and they make me laugh sooooo hard. Can't believe they're all growing up! Grant is still my cute lil buddy, but he's definitely becoming more of a boy and less of the baby, that's for sure. Breanna is a fashionista (waaaaay cuter than I could have ever dreamed of being at her age. I have pictures to prove it) and pinterest-addict and she always has the craziest, funniest things to say! Jare is lovin high school and girls and all the stuff he should. We talked about it for an hour the other day on the phone. Who else does that with their 15 year old brother? Lex is always giving me a hard time, but she has the best advice She's loving college and BYU sports as usual. I wish we were at the same school! Ah. I love them all, so much. They're my best friends.

5. The fact that next weekend I will have one of these. The iPhone 5! I want the white one. AHHHHHHHHH I'm so excited!!!! I followed the live blog yesterday for the entire hour of the keynote (tech nerd alert!). My phone contract didn't expire until just barely, so I've been waaaaaay behind the times with a 3GS for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It's slow, it's dying, and I'm ready to move on. I can't wait to have the newest phone FINALLY! It's probably a little ridiculous how excited I am.

6. Lots of other things, like my Harry Potter shirt, and others that probably deserve their own post, so I'll save them for later.  Let's just say there are people in my life right now that I'm so blessed to know and spend time with. Also, we can't forget BYU football - best time of the year! Dear Cougars, beat the Utes PLEASE. My heart can't handle a repeat of last year. Also loving the gospel, LDV, EFY children that write me love notes on Facebook, my job, silly tv shows that make me laugh, my latest obsession with Franz Liszt, my 2 adorable, hilarious piano students that love me as much as I love them, and the fact that Fall is the air! YAY!

Happy Thursday. :)

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