by - 10/18/2012

Remember this post?
Well, another dreaded test rolled around in that class of doom this week.
I had resolved that I was going to ACE this bad boy,
but I was so nervous. And part of me worried I couldn't do it.
I worried I would get a horrible score yet again, 
and my teacher's assumptions about me (that I'm not very good) would be confirmed.
It was haaaaaard to get that little voice out of my head.

And it's still in there, from time to time.

But like I said, I had resolved to ace it. And so I worked my little bum off. Or my fingers. 
Each time my teacher came to test me (we can pass of the test in sections, so I did 2-3 things at a time), I would start to panic a little bit a lot.  My heart would start racing, I started dripping sweat - seriously - 
and that little devil voice inside me tried to tell me I was going to fail.

So I said a little prayer inside that I would be okay.

And although my heart didn't stop racing, it was as if I was feeling it from outside my body.  It was like I was watching the real me feel nervous but the actual me was just ready to play. Does that makes sense? 

Didn't think so.

Well, anyway. 
I finished passing off the last 2 (and the hardest for me) parts of my test today. 
Drum roll please.....


Do you see  that score, people!?!?
I'm so proud.
My teacher even said "good job."
Which is pretty much unheard of for him, in reference to me anyway.

Through more extensive preparation than the last test (we're talking hours and HOURS more)
and through the help of my Heavenly Father,
Okay, well, technically... I A-Minused my test.
But I'll take it, considering I straight-up failed the first one.
And since I've just been praying to be able to pass the test, that A- feels pretty darn good.

After I calmed down from the shaky, heart-racing, sweatyness,
I did a happy dance.
Literally. In the middle of the Fine Arts Building, I did happy dance.
I didn't even care who saw.
 That's how happy I am.

 Most of all I'm so relieved that it's over,
and that I get to drop my lowest test score. Goodbye horrible first test!
AND it's now Fall Break! 
After a short shift at work tomorrow morning, I'm headed home!


Happy Thursday!

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