Fall Break

by - 10/22/2012

When people ask me what I did for Fall Break (aka my one extra day off), I will tell them
"I went home, played with my new phone, and took dumb pictures... mostly of my brother for some reason"
Because I'm awesome.
This is my brother, Jare and my cousin, Matty.  They work at Lagoon. And they wish they were cool.
My sister, Breanna, taught me how to fishtail. And I mastered it on my first try. Don't get too jealous.
The sky was really pretty Saturday night.  Couldn't get the best shot of it from my house, but still. Wowza.
Sunday, Lex and I went to Stake Conference.
And we discovered her nail polish could peel off in sheets.
We were paying attention, I promise.
dos (slight blur, lame)
tres. me: Jare make a different face!!! Jare: I'm not creative!
P.S. I like his new glasses.

annaBre wearin lex's boots
I love my fam.
I also watched "Twitches" and "Twitches Too"
(you know, those movies with Tia and Tamera Mowry. On Disney Channel.
Yep, I still watch Disney Channel.)
And watched a BYU game that I prefer not to talk about... boo on this season.
I had a dream that I was Harry Potter (life = complete),
Played catch/mostly watched my sibs and Matty play catch with the football while I sat on the swing,
Made Spaghetti with Lex on Saturday,
And then chocolate chip cookies,
Played Christmas songs on the piano,
Was glued to my phone entirely too much,
Went to the Single's Stake Conference and heard a talk that was just for me
(seriously. it was dedicated to me and everything. ...okay i'm lying. but still, I needed it),
Heard my madre give an awesome talk in the home ward,
And didn't even think about homework.
Twas a fab weekend.
Happy Monday!

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  1. all hp dreams are fabulous, even the ones where voldemort is chasing you.


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