Hello, Gorgeous. Welcome to my world.

by - 10/19/2012

Guys, today I finally got me a baby.
She's beautiful, pearly white, shiny, and skinny. And light. Light as a feather!
I think we're going to have an ab-fab life together, my baby and me.
Her face will be the first thing I see every morning, and the last thing I gaze upon before I close my eyes each night.
She'll make me smile. And I'll keep her with me all day long.
I'm so glad she's finally here! I've been impatiently waiting and waiting for so long. A month, to be exact.
It was really hard for me. You know how I struggle with patience.

Welcome to my world, little baby.
I love you way too much already.

Cute case, eh? My roommate helped me pick it out because I was having a crisis and couldn't decide. Also, I still bought two cases because of my indecisiveness.... Don't judge.
Okay, yes. That was extraordinarily cheesy. But are you surprised?
Basically, in a nutshell, I'm a cheeseball. A giant one.
hmm... A cheeseball in a nutshell. That sounds delicious.


I heart my new phone.

My dad told me not to get too excited, because, and I quote, "you'll love your new phone, but it won't solve the world's problems or anything... It didn't save Steve Jobs." then I said, "Poor guy." and my dad said, "Actually, he was quite wealthy." Oh, father. You think you're sooooo hilarious... 

But, I must say this: au contraire daddy dearest. I believe it WILL solve the world's problems. Or at least mine.
(and I bet it could have saved Steve Jobs too. There just wasn't an app for that yet.)

You see, my iPhone 3GS has been begging to be put to sleep for the past several months. He (yes, iPhone 3GS is a boy. iPhone 5 is a girl.) likes to shut off at random. Or just delete precious pictures whenever he feels like it. Or take 900 billion TRILLION years to open an app. So, to my spazzy iPhone 3GS I say: You have served me well, dear sir. And allowed me to surf the internets endlessly during boring classes (uh...  mom, I mean take notes?) but today I bid you farewell. For I now have a much more beautiful baby. And you are just a hunk of junk.

Some pictures to finish out this post:

 Presenting..... the last picture I took with my iPhone 3GS.  And you have to admit... it's pretty amazing. So, I guess it wasn't just a good-for-nothin phone.
i love fall.

THIS is the first photo taken with my iPhone 5.
we're adorbable, we know.

And this is the second. My sister made us and our two cousins koolaid slushies. Delish.
Yeah, I hang out with 13- and 11-year olds on Fridays. Cause I'm awesome.

And finally, iPhone 5 and I think everybody should like everybody.

The end.

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  1. came across your blog today. Love it! Keep the posts coming!


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