So Today This Happened...

by - 10/23/2012

and I kind of loved it.

I loved seeing the snow mixed in with the lovely fall colors.  I loved that there was just the right amount of chill in the air, but it wasn't too cold yet.  I loved wearing a cute jacket. And then I saw that guy that asked me for my number at EFY (he was a counselor, don't worry) and told me he'd like to take me on a date. And then he never did.  I saw him today and he told me I looked good in my jacket. I then secretly hoped he regretted not taking me on that date.

Okay I don't really hope that.

But maybe a little bit.

I also had another Harry Potter dream last night, though this time it was about the actors.  I dreamt that Rupert Grint decided to come to USU (yes, of all the colleges in the world, he chose this little one in Logan, Utah. How nice of him).  He couldn't find his classes so he asked me to show him around.  As I was doing so, lo and behold, we run into dear Emma Watson who just happens to go to school here too.  So I'm walking and talking with them, and of course Emma and I become BFF.  Then all of a sudden the three of us are snatched away, blindfolded, bound, gagged -- kidnapped! We're taken down to these tunnels under the university.  Here, we are told that we all either have to take music theory lessons, or I have to bear my testimony to Emma and Rupert.  Of course I chose the latter, because nobody likes music theory.  Well apparently they quite enjoyed my testimony, and I was super excited about this missionary opportunity...

aaaaannd I don't remember much after that.  Moral of this story: I have the weirdest dreams ever.

Also, this post is pretty much about nothing.

The end.

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