That One Time I Was Dry Cleaning

by - 10/26/2012

Every year in LDV, there is a night around Halloween time where it's mandatory for everyone to dress up.  I wasn't in LDV in the fall last year, so this was my first year experiencing this.  I also totally didn't think about it at all until someone announced it 3 days before.  I had no idea what to be, so I scrounged the internets and I found a pretty awesome idea: dry cleaning! SO easy.  Get a clear plastic bag, put it over any clothes you want - I chose a pantsuit - and then find some way to attach a hanger to your head and you're done. Aside from the hanger being super painful and feeling like it was squishing my brains out, the costume was a success. Everyone loved it and congratulated my creativity (even though it wasn't really my own idea, haha).  So if you're stuck, try it! It was fun. Oh, LDV is so great. There were so many hilarious costumes! Here are a few pictures I got from the night:

Brother Salmond Ozzy Osborne and Aubrey the opera singer
Kendra the fortune-teller and I! She's adorable.
Love this girl. Shayna the... skeleton? Twas creepy.
Everyone listening intently to Amanda's story
Paul: Zorro, Dakota: Bro. Salmond/Rescuers mouse guy, Matt: RS President (HA!), Phil: Jedi, Me: Dry Cleaning, and Dayton: Nun. Haha love them all.
Me and Dayton, the Nun. I guess this is his nun face? I don't even know. Seriously died over his costume.
Double Ashley. She was Lucille Ball! It was perfect.
Me and Nate, wearing Bro. Salmond's wig. I couldn't stop laughing.

Flapper Girl Megan, Me, and Baby Melanie. Love these girls. 

And one more of us cause we're cute.
Such a fun night! I love LDV.

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