Tuesday Was a Good Day.

by - 10/02/2012

It's October (yay!)
I slept in til 8:30
Curled my hair
Went to three classes
Had a deep discussion about Once Upon a Time (obsessed)
Got extra credit
Came home, did homework right away

Erin came to visit!
We went to Cafe Rio
Watched She's the Man (our movie) and quoted the entire thing
And had some much-needed catching up and girl talk
She's all grown-up and married
And doing that whole being-a-wife thing
Which is crazy
Because I swear we're still in high school
Watching chick flicks
Talking about boys in her basement
And daydreaming about what marriage would be like someday
She and I, we've had our ups and downs, as every relationship does
And for a while I thought our time together had ended
But it hasn't
And I'm so glad we're friends

Later, Cami Jo made me laugh
Three gems from the night: 
"I don't have time to cut my nails. But I have time for Facebook!"
"I'm too tired to smell."
me: "I turned out okay!"
her: "mmm... depends on the day."

Then I had prayer with my roommates
And had that feeling I so often had at EFY
That God loves and knows everyone in that room
Including me
He's watching out for us
And He knows when I need a day like this
A reminder that I am loved

I'm a blessed girl
And this day of laughter, 
forgetting about other stresses
and a visit from a long-lost old friend 
was exactly what I needed.

The end.

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  1. Gosh, you make me sound like a grandma! "long-lost old friend" We're only 21 crazy face ;) But yes, it was a great day!


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