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Hooray for an awesome weekend.  On Friday, I went to the annual Piano dept. Halloween Carnival for the little kiddos, and it was so much fun! My students were dressed up in adorable costumes, and they played their songs wonderfully at their recitals! One of my students played Hedwig's theme. He learned and memorized it in two weeks even though it was actually really hard for him.  I was so proud! You should have seen his little beaming face after he finished playing. He was pretty excited. Also, I couldn't let the carnival end without taking my traditional picture with my piano ladies. It was a miracle though, for the fourth and final year, they both wore different costumes! And I wore the same one as last year. Lame. But, love them!
mad about the blur... people don't know how to hold my phone still I guess.
When I got home that night, my roommates and I watched the Young Victoria. AH. One of my most favorite movies.  After it was over, Cami Jo and I sat on the couch and talked for at least a half an hour (in British accents) about how much we wanted a man like Albert. Sigh. Someday... haha.
Then, on Saturday I headed home for my cousin, Amberlyn's wedding.  While all the endowed family members were at the sealing, cousin Annie, sister Breanna, and I watched all the little kiddos.  3 babies, 2 toddlers, and 1 preschooler, to be exact. It was so fun. I had planned on taking pictures of their adorableness, but let's just say it got a little too crazy for that. :) Later that night was the fancy dinner/reception at the Joseph Smith Building! Amberlyn's colors were rainbow, and it turned out soooo beautiful, and the food was AMAZING! Sadly, I'm a bad cousin and didn't get any pictures of her or the actual wedding stuff. But rest assured it was lovely, and she had a great photographer to get pictures of the day. Below are some of my and my cousins and siblings.... we're cool. We know.
Me and Jare. Please don't judge the messiness behind us...  But if you must, it was Jared's fault.
Me and my girls, besides Natalie, but she was too busy! Lex couldn't make much of a funny face cause she just got her wisdom teeth out (but you can't even tell! She looks way good!) and I love that we're all pretty much making the same face in the second picture. We must be related or something.
Yeah, I'm short.  Also, Jare, Phil and John think they're hott or something.  Trust me, they're not.
Finally, on Sunday, I was able to participate in an awesome fireside with LDV. I didn't get any pictures of it, but it was a wonderful night! We bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and sang a lot of songs about it.  It was really wonderful and the spirit was so strong! I found myself getting teary eyed, and filled with love for the gospel and knowledge that it is true.  I'm so thankful to be a part of LDV, and that through it I get so many opportunities to share my love for the gospel through music and other ways.

Happy Monday!

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