6 Happy Things

by - 12/14/2012

1. I'm done with finals. YAY! I was actually done on Tuesday which was awesome, but haven't gotten around to blogging til now. Still feels so good!
2. My wrist is better. This one makes me so happy.  I've been wearing a brace to bed every night since May, and I also took a break from piano lessons this semester (which was not only good for my wrist, but also my brain. I needed it badly in order to stay sane. Trust me) and now it hardly bothers me at all... HAPPINESS.
3. Because of number 2, I am able to accompany for LDV next semester!! YAYAYAYA. I don't know if I can put into words how excited this makes me. I have missed accompanying so very much.  I got the music I'll be playing about a month ago and I had it all learned in an hour. Haha. I can't wait.
4. Also because of number 2, I'm finally starting to prep for my senior recital!! While it's extremely terrifying, I'm so happy and excited at the same time.  And I have a new awesome piano teacher who is already making me super pumped to do this thing! Booyah.
5. Remember that terrifying class I had? The one that I failed the first test in? The one that I seriously would have been over the moon happy with a C+ because it was just that hard? I GOT AN A-. AN A- !!!!!!!!!! DIDN'T THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE. THIS FEELS SO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.
6. It's Christmas break. I don't have school. I'm gonna party with my fam, see old friends, go to two wedding receptions, sleep in a lot, eat too much sugar, and cross my fingers that I get those Boy Meets World DVDs for Christmas. AND I'mma read tons of books, especially in the next 6 days while I'm still in Logan for work. Speaking of that, please don't feel sorry for me for having to work. I've been getting this horrible "oh, you poor dear" reaction from everyone. BUT GUESS WHAT. I chose to work because I need $$$$$$. (dang, I wish I was getting $$$$$$, but it'll be more like $$$.. Oh well). Guys, it's gonna be great.

The end.

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