2012 in Pictures

by - 1/01/2013

I've been looking through all the crazy photos I took in 2012 (mostly from the summer) and I decided I wanted to post some of my favorites here.  So, as one last review of 2012, here it is in pictures! There's a ton, I know, but this is the best narrowing down I could do! Here goes:

Getting balloons for the monster concert.
Me and Megan in Malad, ID with LDV! I miss her. She's on a mish.
The Ihler fam in Malad, ID! Sweetest people ever! Moriah (in the red shirt) just graduated from high school and is now married!
Nerd Party with Kendra!
After the final concert in May
First group ever!
Me and coco Jared. Idk what we're doing.
The team in Logan! SUCH a good week.
The week when I had two cocos! Love it!
Me with Gibby and Justin Bieber. Haha.
These boys were studs. Also, Redhead power!

Oh, this group. They were crazy and great.

Loved these cocos, Kassie and Ben! And now they're both married! Guess it's my turn now...
Me and Em had matching shoes! Haha love her.

Sacred Grove//Waiting in Line for Grimaldi's in Brooklyn//Me and Grant with our homemade milkshakes//Switching shoes with the bro//Pretty Leaves on LDV hike in Idaho//Livvy doing a fashion show//Logan Tabernacle//Me and Grant in our matching sweatshirts//Cousin train.
My best friend's wedding. :) LOVE these skirts her mom made for us!!
LDV Halloween Party with Megan and Melanie
Me and my girls at cousin Amberlyn's wedding. They're all leaving me for Australia this year... Sad.
Kim, Cami Jo, Steph, Me, and Mikelle at Steph's bridal shower.

Cousins after our annual reenactment of the nativity. There will be SIX less next year because of missions. CRAZY!
Oh, 2012, how I will always love thee.

Happy 2013!!!

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