Happy Birthday, Jare Dog.

by - 1/23/2013

Today, Jared is the big 16! I can't pretend I don't find this super weird. I felt so old when I was 16. Now he can date, he can drive, he's movin on up in the world. He's already asked a girl to the Valentine's dance! ....weird.

I must say I feel pretty lucky to have Jared as a brother. He's goofy, sarcastic, and likes to pretend he's hott stuff or something (he wishes), but he's always making me laugh. I also love talking to him. Sometimes he'll call me, or I'll call home and he'll answer, and we'll be on the phone for an hour. Or there was the time we walked around the kitchen in a figure-eight pattern for an hour (yeah, we're weird), just talking about everything. Who else does that with their 16-year-old brother? I love it. He's also super talented -- he sings in choir and the musicals, he does lots of sports at school, and he plays the piano for hours and hours every day.  He practices waaaaaay more than I ever did at his age. For that, I applaud him. He has tons of friends who all know they can confide in him, and he has the greatest personality. It really seems like he's living life to the fullest right now, which is how it should be.

Even though he's quite a bit taller than me now, (which, thank goodness for that. He'd be ridiculously short otherwise) and he sometimes gets mistaken for my OLDER brother (what?), and he's now taken to calling me "little sis" cause he's soooooo hilarious.... punk. He'll always be my little bro, and I love him just the same.

Happy Birthday, Jared!!

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