Happy Birthday Pops!

by - 1/08/2013

{He hates it when I call him Pops. Says it makes him feel old.}
I know everyone probably thinks their own dad is the greatest.
Well... I hate to break it to everyone else, but I have the best dad in the world. Sorry! The position is taken.

My dad is smart, kind, generous, and hilarious. An all-around good guy. :)
But one of my favorite things about my dad is that he is a people person. He's a good listener, he's helpful, he cares about people and wants them to succeed. I know I can turn to him any time I'm worried about something, and even when he's so busy he barely has time for sleep, he always makes time for me and the rest of his family, too. He always knows just what to say to make me feel better. So many people (like his siblings, coworkers, numerous friends and neighbors, etc.) turn to him for advice on a daily basis. He is a rock and I'm so grateful for him in my life! He's definitely the best dad a girl could ask for. 

Love you, dad!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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