How to get the Monday Blues 101

by - 1/14/2013

  • {Step 1} Have an amazing, relaxing weekend that includes sleeping in til 10 both days, a fun basketball game, meeting new people, playing cards with some cute boys, your first LDV performance of the semester, and an incredible fireside
  • {Step 2} Stay up a wee bit too late on Sunday night talking to your roommate, thus securing your tiredness for the next day
  • {Step 3} Wake up at 5:30 AM (or 1.5 hrs before your alarm is set to go off) Monday morning with a migraine
  • {Step 4} Drowsily take some ibuprofen (no excedrin cause that's got caffeine) and try to fall back asleep
  • {Step 5} Have a very vivid dream that you're at home, playing with your fam, when you get a call from your boss telling you there's no need to come in today, but they'll still pay you
  • {Step 6} Wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, and realize you still have to go to work, and you still have a mondo headache
  • {Step 7} And, most important of all, make sure it's -11 degrees outside when you step out the door
  • {Step 8 - Bonus} When you get to work, pull a really heavy box off a shelf above your head, then drop it on your foot
How to change it all around: 
  • {Step 1} Wear a really warm outfit that makes you feel cute
  • {Step 2} Remember you have LDV today, which includes cute boys that can sing. Best combination EVER
  • {Step 3} Be thankful no one saw you drop that box on your foot
  • {Step 4} Remember the pioneers that had to walk outside, barefoot, in this kind of weather... and how that means you pretty much have nothing to complain about
  • {Step 5} Just keep laughing at this picture...
  and remember it's never wise to use a plastic bowl with the kitchen aid. Cause first of all, the bowl breaks. And second, you end up with pieces of plastic in your cookies. It does make for a good story though.

Happy Monday.

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