Important Notes from the Weekend

by - 1/22/2013

I went on a date. A really fun date. And that is all I'll say about that.

I went home! And saw Les Mis for the second time, and promptly fell in love with Marius all over again. Cause really, he's adorable. Also, I am still of the opinion (start getting the darts ready to throw at me) that Russell Crowe was good. Yep, good. I don't know why everyone was freaking out so much. Also, can we talk about how amazing and good looking Aaron Tveit is? I mean, really.

I went to Kohl's with mom and the sisters. While smelling the different perfumes, I got a massive headache and had to stop. So... apparently I'm 90 or something? I dunno. Also, this picture happened:
I think I'm starting to see why people think we look alike.
Sunday I went to the family ward, saw bff Kari, then came home and played games with the fam for the rest of the day.  I submit that Catch Phrase is most hilarious when played with my sisters. (...guess you had to be there)

Monday, I caught up on Once Upon A Time (am I the only one who thinks it's kinda going downhill? I'm just not as excited about it as I used to be), watched some Boy Meets World... cause duh, did other lazy things, and got my tires rotated. Suuuuuuper fun.
Please love five things:
1. The random Phase 10 card on the floor
2. The glare from the blinds on the tv
3. Cory's moody expression
4. his stylin' ahead-of-his-time denim shirt
5. The Feeny puppet.

Once I got back to Logan, Cami Jo and I put up Valentines Decorations. They're pretty great, if I do say so myself.
Yep. It's already February at our house.
Cami Jo is a profesh crafter person. I just help her put it all up.
We love hearts. And this photo is terribly overexposed so you can see those hearts.
And of course, I procrastinated my homework as usual... so I better get busy.

Happy Tuesday!

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