Mission Accomplished.

by - 1/29/2013

Cami Jo and I have been roommates for almost 4 years now.  Over those years, we've discovered that we were pretty much made for each other. We both have this weird sense of humor, we have similar interests, we never run out of things to talk about. I trust her with all my secrets, she's seen many of my embarrassing moments, she's seen me cry. It's one of those friendships that you know was meant to be. We've even been asked if we were sisters. Not because we look alike (cause we definitely don't), but because of how we act around each other. We just click.

There was just one thing missing: she didn't like Harry Potter.

If you know me at all, you know I have a (probably unhealthy) obsession with Harry Potter. To be my true BFF, you can't hate on it or Houston, we have a problem. After exercising my never-ending desire to discuss all things HP, I discovered quickly that Cami Jo just wasn't much of a fan. She had read the books, but didn't love them (how that is possible, I don't even know). Upon learning this, I have since tried -- unsuccessfully -- to get her to watch the movies with me, because she had yet to see movies 5 and up and that was a disgraceful misfortune of the highest degree. She always politely declined, convinced that she wouldn't like them. I knew better, though. I knew if I could just get her to watch them, she would understand what she was missing. 

A few months ago, I finally coerced her into watching with me. She told me she enjoyed number 6, but I knew she was probably just humoring me...... Until we viewed the final 2 movies, 7.1 and 7.2. To say she was absolutely riveted would almost be an understatement.  Her excited exclamations were constant throughout.  She was totally engaged. After the viewing of the epic finale last night, she was speechless. I was sure she was there, that she finally understood. I couldn't wait long to hear her thoughts, though; her opinion of this movie was of the utmost importance.

"So....? DID YOU LIKE IT???"

"...it was better than Lord of the Rings."
(coming from a LotR fan like her, that's a pretty big deal. And I happen to agree. It is better than LotR.)

The one thing that could possibly stand in the way of our friendship (obviously I'm joking, but go with me here) has been overcome. The deal has been sealed. She and I, we will be friends for eternity. There's no stopping us now! And as if that wasn't already enough to make me happy, a half hour later I found her in our room, poring over my copy of the first book. 

That, my friends, is what we call a true Harry Potter convert!

Mission Accomplished. :)

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  1. I LOVE this. Hahahaha I have such a hard time with understanding people who don't like Harry Potter or haven't even read or seen them! It's a crime! I'm glad you could get us a convert :)


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