You May Say I'm a Dreamer... {Part 2}

by - 1/04/2013

Okay, so I slacked on this one.  Truth is, I know myself, and I probably won't do this once a week like I said originally. But I'll do it when I feel like it. :) So, without further ado, one dream for you today:

The first thing I remember is my sister Breanna and I flying (like, with wings) around Logan.  We end up back at my house, and it's empty. We start talking about how it could totally be someone's house in the 60's because it looks like that.  And we decided (because we can, of course) that we want to go back in time and see what it was like with the original owners. And for whatever reason, this translates to the year our mom was born.  So, we go back and think that no one will be able to see us, like in the movies.  We watch my mom as a baby in these crazy outfits all while we're floating in the air and laughing and having a great time. All of a sudden, this scary, horror-film music (yeah, sometimes my dreams have soundtracks. That's how cool I am.) starts playing and my grandma turns and there's that tell-tale thunk in the music (you know what I'm talking about, right?) and we realize she can SEE us and that's really bad.  She drags us by the hair into this room and starts interrogating us.  Breanna and I skate around the questions, trying to make it seem like we're just neighbor friends and only wanted to say hi and play, and we're sorry we snuck in, blah blah blah.  But then Breanna accidentally lets slip the word "grandma" and there's that scary "thunk" again, and grandma starts rising from her chair.  There's all this wind and freaky energy coming off of her, and the music is getting louder and louder and my grandma is looking less and less like my grandma and more and more like a monster (creepy, right?). Breanna says "We just wanted to see our mom" and there's that thunk again. "My daughters certainly don't have children and certainly wouldn't have been able to hide that from me." says my Grandma, spitting fire out of her mouth at the end of each word. AH! She starts moving towards us and we try to back up as much as we can, but we hit a wall.  Grandma is leering down at us with an evil gleam in her eye, and just when I'm sure our death is inevitable, I suddenly feel a door behind me. I try to open it but I can't get it, and I realize it's because I'm human again and can no longer fly. Breanna morphs into a fairy (yeah i don't know) and wrenches open the door, just as my grandma is about to send us to a fire-y death. We both race through and slam it behind us, just in time. Crisis averted. Once we've gotten some time to catch our breath, we turn and realize we're at a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert and Theo Huxtable (from the Cosby Show) is there and he says "Let's do this Beauty and the Beast style". (?) He rushes up to the choir and starts tipping chairs over and yelling like a crazy person, and there's chaos as the choir is screaming (but in song. They were singing and screaming at the same time. Wish I could explain it). All while Breanna and I are just standing there with our mouths open, watching it happen... Before I know it, I'm back flying around Logan again. The worst part at this point was that the whole dream repeated itself, scary grandma and all. And THEN, finally, once we got the concert again, I woke up.  


Also, it should be noted that I love my grandma, and I have no idea why she was this terrifying presence in my dream.

The end.

Happy Weekend!

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