Emancipation by Discipline

by - 2/06/2013

I saw this beautiful, anonymous quote on a professor's door in the music building yesterday, and I thought I would share.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Wow. LOVE this! Never thought about discipline like that. It answers perfectly the argument that Mormons are so tied down from all their "rules." Or are we more accurately liberated?

    Thank you!

  2. This is INCREDIBLE. I have been thinking a lot about it since you posted it. We are freed through our obedience to God's laws, not tied down or held back in any way.

  3. Hello Ashley, I love this quote too, but it's not anonymous, thank goodness - it's from a book called The Seven Mysteries of Life by a fascinating author named Guy Murchie. His books on science and philosophy are long, but worth the read. Here's the Amazon page for this book:

    Seven Mysteries of Life

    and here's my blog post about all this from a few years ago:

    Blog on a G String


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