Goal Update

by - 2/01/2013

Happy February! Yay! I said that I would be posting monthly updates on my goals, and while I'm kind of second-guessing this idea a little bit (purely because I'm not doing as good as I'd like to), I'm going to stick with it anyway. I do think it will give me motivation to keep going, and adjust the goals if I need to. So, here's the update:

I only exercised like 8 times total in January.  It's still better than what I did before, but not good enough. I told myself I would work out after I got home from school. I do have plenty of time in the evenings, but once I've escaped the freezingness of the outside world and gotten home, I have a hard time wanting to leave again. Plus, I'm self conscious about exercising at home, cause... I just am. Ha.  So, it's been a problem. I'm gonna work on that.  I've done pretty well on the other things, though I recently ran out of produce and haven't gone to buy more. But overall, I'm feeling much healthier lately, which is what I was shooting for. I haven't had any sugar headaches for a couple weeks!

I have been doing awesome with this one.  I haven't missed a day of writing in my journal yet! Go me! It's probably the most boring thing my posterity will ever read (oh goodness. I kind of hope they don't read it). But I've been doing it. The whole one-line-a-day thing (which I stole from LoveTaza, of course) has been so easy! And I've written more than one line every day. I also blogged a lot more in January, which I'm pleased about.  I only give myself an A- because while I have technically taken more pictures, I still haven't taken very many.  So, I'm gonna work on that a little more, too.

I've been doing great with scripture reading, though a couple of nights this month I only read half a chapter. I also often forget to pray in the mornings, though I never forget at night.  So I need to work on that.  I haven't brought my phone to church once though, and I have definitely noticed a difference. Not having that distraction has been huge for me.  I've also decided to put my phone in my backpack during LDV so I can gain as much as I can spiritually in there, too. It's been wonderful. Conference talks: eh. I think I read 3 in January. So not perfect, but better.

I haven't technically written due dates down, but they're all online, so I've been checking every day.  My two music classes are epically hard, and while I'm not trying to be a defeatist, I'm not 100% sure A's are going to be possible in both. However, I'm going to try my hardest, and do my best, and whatever grade I get, I will be happy with.  A's would be amazing though, so I'm still going to shoot for that. Practicing: I could do better. But I've been doing pretty well. There have been good days and bad, but overall my hours have been good. Woot.

I have been doing pretty well with this. I actually have said yes to things I've been invited to (and have had some fun times so far). I'm even planning an awesome Boy Meets World party that I'm super excited about. So, it's gonna be great. There are good days and bad with being myself, too. But I feel pretty good overall!

Adjustments: None for now.  I'm going to keep going as planned for this month and see how it goes!

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  1. okay cute little banner grades! looks like you have been rocking the goals girl! and boy meets world party? i maybe kind of, sort of, really want in on that.


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