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[Warning: serious fangirling spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched the Psych season 7 premiere and/or spoilers drive you crazy, don't read this post, mmk?]


I just hashtagged on my blog. Twice. You know that's right.

Guys, last night, after almost a year (seriously, what is up with that, USA? Waaaaaaay too long.) since season 6's dramatic cliffhanger ending, Psych finally returned! I must say, the episode was absolutely brilliant... I was totally flipping out the whole time. I am a psycho through and through.

Best parts? All of it, duh. But these were my favorites, in no particular order:

1. "Big fat kisses" Shules is the best
2. The newly christened Cranberry getting blown up
3. Shawn goin crazy to find the guy who killed his dad. Awesome.
4. Shawn and Gus going straight to the nachos after the land mine was removed
5. Juliet killing the bad guy. BAM! Girl powa!
6. "I have the best girlfriend ever." Again, Shules for the win.
7. Woody having the body bags all the time
8. The two half-beards, and Gus' in-depth backstory on his character
9.  Shawn goin nuts at the shooting range
10. Lassie helping Shawn. Yessssss.
11. Henry telling off that girl the second they took the tubes out
12. HENRY DIDN'T DIE! Woohoo!
13. This part:
image via @Psych_USA on the twitter

I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud during this episode.
One of the best shows, ever! My heart hearts it.

Now let's get Gus a girlfriend, eh?

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  1. I loved this episode and I was so glad Psych finally came back on! You are spot on with the best parts of the show. My brother was sweet to wait to watch it with me when I got back from Arizona last Saturday night and we were laughing so hard. Love Psych.


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