The Story of the Couches

by - 2/19/2013

I've had some interesting couches in my college years.  Freshman year was the standard-issue college dorm one, sophomore year was the nasty hairy blue one. But the best of all, was junior year. The infamous "thanksgiving threw up on it" couch. Gotta love the furnished apartments that have the same couches as they did when they were built in the 80s!


The best part was your knees came up to your chin when you sat on it.
I've gotten used to having weird furniture in college. It's just a part of the experience, and I expected this year to be the same. What I wasn't expecting was no furniture! When Cami Jo moved up to the house we're in now, she was shocked to realize that all the furniture that had been here when we came and looked at it actually belonged to the previous renters. We had one couch. And it was an awful couch. It was almost as bad as the one above, but it didn't even have any character or fun colors to redeem itself. To save ourselves from having to sit Indian-style on the floor all year, she and I took a trip to the DI and purchased almost all the furniture you see here:
The flowery couch at the bottom of the photo is the awful one that was here already.
The other furniture is pretty nifty, right? As good as DI gets, at least.  After our purchases were made, Cami Jo called the managers to let them know what she had bought and to see if they would possibly buy them from her once we moved out. We were both extremely frustrated when the managers told her they had actually bought two couches and they were on their way! Since purchases from the DI are non-refundable, we had no choice but to make do with what we had, which was going to be a lot of couches.

Weeks and months passed, and we saw no evidence of these alleged "on-their-way" couches, but I didn't mind one bit. Although I avoided sitting on that ugly, uncomfortable floral couch at all costs, I grew to love the retro vibe in our living room. It was quirky. It was fun. It was ours.

Well, to my dismay, today everything changed. I walked through the front door after school, and saw this:

The alleged couches had finally arrived... 6 months later. New leather (actually, probably pleather) couches.  Based on my first impressions of that uncomfortable, ugly couch that I avoided at all costs, you'd think I would have just been happy to see it go. But now, I'm surprised by how much I miss it. These new couches are just so blah. And worst of all, they're not any more comfortable than the old one was.  They're deceptive, sneaky little things, these couches. They look like they kind you could sink into with a sigh, but no. Plop down on one of these suckers and you'll get the wind knocked out of you. It's like pleather-covered cement.

Plus, they're just really harshing my retro-house mellow.

Sigh. The end.

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  1. That couch is hysterical!! My grandma has some awesome 70s Davis Dart colored, plaid and floral couches and after 40 years, they are still comfortable. I'm sorry the new ones aren't comfortable and they are harshing your mellow! ;) Love that phrase and glad you use it.

  2. ah, i love that fire place.


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