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You might notice that it looks a little different around these parts... yes, I have blog ADD (and probably actual ADD) and apparently I cannot keep it the same for more than a couple months.  The past few times I've changed the look I haven't really been happy with it, but this time I quite like it. I think it will stay this way for a while! Plus, once Naomi and Sydney started the whole side header trend I knew it wouldn't be long before I jumped on that bandwagon.  Not that my blog is anywhere near as adorable as either of theirs, but I'm an unoriginal trend-follower and proud of it, folks.

This has nothing to do with anything, but this is what I wore today. I heart the birds. Also, please love my duck face.
Now, onto story time. When I got to work this morning, things were going very normally. It was a pretty boring day, and the project I was working on was as mind-numbing as it gets. When I finished it, I had some down time in which I was told to "practice the art of looking busy" (which honestly happens a lot, love my boss) so I decided to work on my blog. I was in the process of making my header you see over there, and I was just putting the finishing touches on it when all of a sudden, I find that I'm enveloped in complete inky blackness. The power went out, just before I had saved! Urgh. It was seriously creepily dark, though. They should really figure out how to put windows in basements. Good thing we all had iPhones with flashlights because we could not see a thing until the generators kicked on the emergency lights 5 minutes later. After some serious thumb-twiddling, spinning around in my chair a few times, and listening to my coworkers' humorous postulations on why the power was out, everything came whirring back to life.  There was a funky smell from the back, and for a second we thought there was a fire! I started having one of these moments again (because my imagination is ridiculous), but when we realized it was just exhaust from the generator and everything was fine, I turned back to work on my header yet again.  Since I already had the design in mind, I was able to make it faster this time. Just as I was putting my signature at the bottom, what do you know? The power goes out again. Just before I had saved it, AGAIN.  I was sooooo mad. The power came back on much quicker this time, and while a smart person probably wouldn't have done it again right then, I decided to try one more time with the header. Luckily, I was able to save it before a 3rd power outage, but if I hadn't been able to save I probably would've thrown something. So, moral of the story: you better appreciate that header since I created it three whole times.

The dark abyss next to my desk. Basements are creepy. It's times like this that we realize how much we rely on electricity.
After the adventures of work, I headed to class. As I was walking, I pulled out my phone to see what I had missed while in that cell-serviceless dungeon.  I found that I had 7 texts from my roommate. My roommate isn't much of a texter, so I was definitely curious. What could be so urgent? Much to my surprise, the plethora of messages was to inform me I had received some flowers! She had kindly removed them from their box so they wouldn't suffocate, and her seventh text was begging me to let her open the note and find out who they were from. She knows I don't currently have a special someone, so she was just as curious and anxious as I was to know! I of course agreed to let her open it. I was shocked to find out they were from one of my good friends from high school. Yes, it was a boy. No, I'm not gonna tell you who this mystery boy is. Yes, he put a cheesy quote on the note with the flowers that we were joking about a couple weeks back, and that made me smile a lot. But no, none of this means he is my Valentine. It was honestly just a kind gift from a friend, and I was so touched that he even thought of me! So while I don't have a man to hug and kiss on the big V-day tomorrow, I do have some beautiful flowers to stare at for a couple of days. I am blessed, people. I have the most wonderful friends.

Look how beautiful!!
The rest of the day included my hardest class in which I played an arrangement of a song for my teacher and he actually clapped and said "that was very good!" (pretty much unheard of from him, so yay!), LDV, visiting teaching, and a really delicious dinner. Now, as I type this, I have freshly painted nails, I'm listening to Abba (yeah... weird) and I'm polishing off my 4th Dove dark chocolate caramel. I was bummed when I realized I'd accidentally bought the dark instead of the milk chocolate, but I actually am finding them quite scrumptious, obviously. It has been a good day. I know I haven't had much to say on the blog for a little bit, but there's just something about a fresh new look that makes me more inspired to write! So I'm not making any promises, but I think I'll be writing more soon. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Tell me who mystery boy is NOW! and I was going to tell you yesterday, you looked really pretty! Give me your hair and your clothes please.

  2. I love this post. and your new blog. and your face. and the pretty flowers. how sweet!


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